Samsung Jasper Heading to Verizon LTE Network

June 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

An Android-powered Samsung phone has been taking rounds in the gadget world for some time now, with no official announcement of its existence or identity. It was spotted once in Bluetooth SIG’s device certification listing a couple of months ago.

But nothing was known about it, except that it is represented by a model number SCH-l200. Rumors also called it Samsung Jasper.

However, we have got fresh evidence for the existence of this device, as usual, from the corridors of the Federal Communications Commission, while it passed through the FCC gates for the inevitable approval from the apex body of telecommunications in the US.

While official information on the device is still lacking, FCC documents throw some light on this new handset from Samsung.

As per the documents, the device will be compatible to Verizon’s LTE network, hinting that it may come out with a Verizon Wireless launch very soon, as it has received the nod from FCC.

Though rumors name it Jasper, it is not yet clear if Samsung will roll it out in the same name. As per the available information, the rig will pack the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich despite an imminent roll out of an updated Jelly Bean version by Google.

It’s also rumored that the mobile will have a  Snapdragon S4 processor chip.

If the rumors are true, it will have a WVGA display. It is not something that will help the rig to fight the war with top-end rivals. So we think that the handset is actually aimed at mid level market.

Nothing is known about it’s pricing strategy. So stay tuned, an update might hit at any time.

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