Samsung ads hint at Apple fans falling for Galaxy S III

June 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung’s promotional ads have always hit the headlines for their sarcasm and implied mudslinging on its primary rival Apple and its fans.

When the South Korean company rolled out three ads to accompany its new device Samsung Galaxy S III’s launch, the case was no different.

Though Samsung has changed the style of throwing direct mud at Apple and its fans by a marketing speech about the features of the device, it is still implying that Apple is losing its fan base under the charisma of the new Android smartphone from Samsung.

Last time during the Super Bowl ad series, Samsung laughed at Apple fans queuing up in front of an Apple Store to get the latest device.

While two of the ads involve no direct attack at Apple, the hidden stab this time is packed in the 15 second-long ad showcasing the Pop Up Play feature of the Samsung Galaxy S III which allows floating video playback over other apps.

The point the ad makes is, you cannot watch soccer and text your friend at the same time on any iPhone; but Samsung Galaxy S III lets you do that.

Remember the guy who is busy texting in this ad? He played one of the Apple’s fan boy sheep waiting in the queue in the Super bowl ad series in 2011.

So the moral of the story is, even hard core Apple fans are leaving the Apple camp enchanted by the spell of the Android 4.0 device from Samsung.

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