iBrain to hack into Stephen Hawking’s brain

June 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Scientists are trying to unravel a mystery human has been chasing from time immemorial – to read the mind of a human being. Now, they have developed a device called iBrain, which can catch brain waves and interpret it.

iBrain is a simple black head band, but contains neurotransmitters which can capture brain waves and communicate it on a computer.

Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking is also participating in the experiment since the researchers think that if they can successfully develop the machine, it can help people with motor neuron disorders to communicate with their brain directly rather than depending on other machines.

Hawking’s condition recently deteriorated as the muscles of his hands got dysfunctional making it difficult for him to press the key of the voice machine.

When Hawking was fitted with the device and asked to use maximum brain power, the device was able to record the change in the brain wave signals.

According to Dr. Philip Low who leads the team, iBrain can help bypass Hawking’s ailing body to communicate with his brain, pretty much like hacking.

Researchers believe that with the development of the iBrain they can even treat depression and autism in the near future. Dr. Philip Low may demonstrate iBrain on Hawking himself at the Francis Crick Memorial Conference next month in Cambridge.

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