Samsung Robot Can Mimic Human Walk, Chest Heaves

June 22, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The United Sates Patent and Trade Marks Office (USPTO) is a valuable place to pick up interesting news about new gadgets and technologies since the patent applications filed here by major players point to the future of the gadget world.

Recently, we spotted a patent filing from Samsung for a robot. The patent filing shows that Robotics and Artificial Intelligence tend to be a zone of interest for the South Korean company.

The unique character of the robot is that it can mimic the walking action of human beings just as it can mimic the chest movements of a breathing human.

The robot mimics the walking movements of humans by adjusting its speed and scale to cover a certain distance to reach the target in such a way that it avoids the unnatural and perpetual bent gait of similar robots in the market.

If the robot wants to move from, say, point A to point B, it will first decide on the safest route and then break down the whole path into a range of walking motions to achieve natural movements.

Moreover, it will keep on checking the centre of gravity to stay straight even if the route is uphill or downhill.

One among the four patents related to this robot is about rotating joints that will replicate the chest movements of a breathing human. Though the exact uses of these patents are unknown, Samsung has already bagged them.

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