Microsoft Surface Tablets Wi-Fi Only Devices

June 22, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, Microsoft just surprised everyone with the launch of its first hardware attempt at computing when it launched the Surface tablets.

However, dumbstruck with the surprise performance from the software developer giant, nobody got the presence of mind to ask about the connectivity options of the new Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro tablets that were launched.

In fact, Microsoft was very cautious not to reveal anything much about its inner specs and other pricing details. However, sources close to Microsoft now claim that the Surface tablets will be Wi-Fi only in nature.

While that could be a little disappointing to guys who think that the world now belongs to more connectible slates that run easily on 3G or 4G networks, we hear that Microsoft does not think so.

So, in short, both the Windows RT Surface tablet and the Windows 8 Surface  tablet will be rolling out as Wi-Fi only versions. We als get to know that Microsoft has decided to put only a short range Wi-Fi only connection to these devices.

The strategy is not bad as a majority of the tablets in the current market are Wi-Fi only. Moreover, it helps them keep the initial price line lower giving a competitive edge over its rivals.

Though Microsoft is yet to make a confirmation on this behalf, we think the plan is to roll out a 3G capable version later, adding a little more weight to the initial price tag.

Meanwhile, let us know if you really care if the new Surface tablets come out Wi-Fi only.

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