Nintendo Wii U Not to Put A Ban On Used Game

June 21, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The gaming world is looking at the alleged move by major players like Microsoft and Sony for technologies that will discourage the use of pre-owned games or used game discs in their consoles.

However, recent comments from the top brass of Nintendo hint that the company is not going to make any difference in the nature of its gaming consoles to discourage the use of used game discs.

Sale of used game discs is a normal trend among gamers. The original game developers do not get any benefit from these transactions, as the profit goes to the seller and the intermediary retailer networks like BestBuy that offer sales platform for used articles.

This is the reason why Sony and Microsoft are seeking technologies that will make the game discs play only in one console.

However, in a recent interview, Nintendo America EVP Scott Moffitt acknowledged that used game sales are a reality in the marketplace. According to him, the company has not introduced any features on its gaming consoles that will discourage using previously-owned games.

Though it is true that the resale of used games does not benefit the game developer companies, it will be sad if the future game discs work only in the original systems for which they were purchased.

If it is so, you will not be able to take a game disc to your friend’s home to play. Even when you buy a new console, you may not be able to use your old discs.

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