Microsoft Surface Strategy Suggests Apple Could be Wrong

June 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft just unveiled two tablets last Monday. It was a small product launch for Microsoft but it could be a revolutionary leap for the market strategy of major platform developers in a rapidly growing segment of the gadget making industry.

By unveiling its own hardware making attempts, Microsoft has made a very serious statement in its tablet market strategy. The move points to a possible third paradigm – the transformable tablet.

The paradigm obviously stands at logger heads with Apple’s motto that only a forced attempt can help make laptops and tablet converge.

Steve Jobs, who is well-known as a ground breaking innovator, also had knocked down the idea very early saying that such device could be ergonomically terrible.

But Microsoft’s newly surfaced Surface tablets show that the company would agree to disagree with Apple’s idea. However, hybrid machines are not a novelty, not even in the upcoming Windows 8 platform (think about the Windows 8 hybrids like Asus Taichi and Lenovo Yoga). But first and foremost, the basic identity of these hybrids stays closer to laptops.

But Surface slates stand out here. They are cool tablets first and a coolest keyboard comes along later, however the success of the strategy is something time has to decide.

Maybe the number of apps available also will have a say. But, if the new strategy wins the hearts of the customers, Apple and Android tablets makers will have to rethink about their present slate strategies.

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