Ifixit Says MacBook Pro Retina Display Came From LG not Sharp

June 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple can keep the names of its hardware supply partners a secret only till the first product reaches the public. Once the products go on sale, dismantling enthusiast like iFixit grab a piece and split it open to see what is inside.

Something similar happened to the Retina Display equipped MacBook Pro. The rig had received a lot of media attention due to its Retina Display. Despite the fanfare, the name of the hardware partner was kept a secret.

Speculations were rife that the display panels were being supplied by Sharp. When Apple’s primary manufacturing partner Foxconn increased its stake in Sharp, it was taken as an indirect confirmation too.

The Sharp Retina Display theorists got a shot in the arm when display expert Dr Raymond Soneira argued that the Cupertino company has gone for Sharp IGZO displays which are known for efficient performance with low power use.

The theory sustained even after the roll out of the Retina Display MacBook Pro saw no visible boost in the battery size as in the case of the transition from iPad 2 to the new iPad.

But when iFixit tore open the Retina Display MacBook Pro, it found out that the display panels were from LG.

It seems that Apple was able to balance the power use equation by using Intel’s Ivy Bridge chips and more power-efficient SSDs instead of conventional hard drives, so that they found the LG panels enough for the rig.

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