Sharp Unveils Feel UX, a Custom UI for Upcoming Aquos Android Phone

June 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not everyone loves the user interface (UI) of the stock Android. Many hardware makers for Android smartphones have realized that they can lure more bees if they have an attractive UI. So it has become sort of a trend to jump on the custom UI bandwagon for Android.

Sharp is latest entrant here, which has just unveiled the custom UI designed for its upcoming Android smartphone. To keep it visually appealing, the phone maker has zeroed in on the design firm ‘frog’, known for its out-of-the-box design concepts.

Just like other custom UIs for Android smartphones, Sharp Feel UX has a lock screen from where users can fetch info on weather, stock trends and updated news and access a bunch of widgets.

Though the usual app drawer is absent here, one tab gives you the list all available apps. If you want to tweak the settings in a second, catch them through the quick access short cut. Widgets and other short cuts can also be accessed through one of the tabs.

The bottom of the launcher features a permanent dock which has four customizable icons through which users can get quick access to calls, mails, browser and whatever else they might need. Users can change these settings to suit their priorities.

Though we are not sure if this is the the ultimate UI, it is good to see that phone makers are trying hard to give a better visual feel for the Android face.

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