iOS 6’s Auto Layout Feature Hints at a 4-Incher iPhone 5

June 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Rumor mills around Cupertino have been busy working as the time for an iPhone launch approaches. One of the major epicenters of the rumors about iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple is going to call it) is the screen size of the upcoming iPhone. Many leaks have spotted different screen sizes.

However, as Apple unveiled details of the upcoming version of its smartphone platform iOS 6, the 4-incher iPhone 5 theories got one more reason to back them. The iOS 6 SDK has a new Auto Layout feature which gives an interesting insight in to the nature of the next-gen iPhone.

The feature helps developers prepare apps for devices with different screen sizes and resolutions.

The feature helps the elements of the UI of apps to place themselves according to the design parameters without jumbling up even when displayed on devices with different screen sizes or resolutions.

A good number of developers and Apple experts point out the feature as the most credible reason to believe that next iPhone will come out with different screen size.

Though we don’t completely write off such a chance, we would like to remind our readers that there is enough reason for Apple to introduce such a feature in the SDK even when it is not planning to roll out a device with different screen size.

Among the present iPhones, 4S and 4 have the same 960 x 640 resolution, while 3GS has 480 x 320 resolution. The Auto Layout feature may help developers keep apps compatible for these devices and also for the iPad which has a different screen size and resolution.

So, do you think iPhone 5 will come out with a 4-inch display?

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