HTC Acknowledges One X Wi-Fi Antenna Issue

June 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Some days ago, we had reported that many HTC One X users were complaining about the poor Wi-Fi signal reception. Some users also found out that the signal reception can be improved by putting their fingers between the volume buttons and the camera module on the back of the camera.

It was then assumed that the problem was caused by a poorly soldered Wi-Fi antenna. The issue has caused battery drain in certain devices, while dropped connections were observed in some others.

Now HTC has acknowledged in an official statement that such a flaw does exist in some of the devices. But according to the official response, HTC claims that the issue is comparatively isolated.

The company has also identified the issue with the manufacturing process of the phone which causes the defect. According to HTC sources, the company has taken urgent steps to avoid such issues in the One X units in production.

However, the company has showcased a pro-active approach towards the issue by urging the users to give any feed back in order to solve the issue. Though one can fix the defect by opening the device and soldering back the antenna, it is not advisable since it needs expertise. Moreover, that will breach the terms of service.

Since the company has requested the users to return the defective devices for a replacement, we would like to advise our readers to report to HTC soon if you have experienced the problem with your HTC One X device.

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