FixMeStick: An Anti-virus System on a USB Stick

June 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Viruses are a never ending menace. However, if you are not happy with the anti-virus software you use, there is a new anti-virus solution packed in a USB stick, which gives you a plug-and-play answer to the virus menace.

Rightly dubbed as FixMeStick, the new USB stick identifies the virus in your system and takes up the right kind of approach to remove it and to make amends to the damages done, if possible.

Unlike the installed anti-virus softwares, which can malfunction due to update issues or some other software issues, FixMeStick can clean your machine without glitches.

FixMeStick functions as an automatic safe disk allowing the system to boot from the drive. Unlike the usual anti-virus program that starts the scan only when the Windows become functional, the FixMeStick actually checks the system even by interrupting the Windows start up process. Then it identifies the hidden threats and repairs the damages already caused by the viruses.

The manufacturer claims the support of three top-end anti-virus companies – Kaspersky Lab, Sophos, and GFI – for the cleaning mechanism of the stick.

However, we don’t actually know how efficient this device is in rooting out viruses. The device has been receiving mixed reviews. In some cases, the device’s inability to stop infected root kits from running and to disinfect important system files were mentioned.

A single unit of FixMeStick costs $49.99 plus a $29.99 for annual license renewal.

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