Microsoft and Barnes & Noble May Team Up For Windows RT Tablet Cum e-Reader

June 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There has been a lot of fuss being circulated in the gadget news world about the Monday press event scheduled by Microsoft.

While certain sources have confirmed that the software developer may announce their own tablet at the function, now rumors from other sources suggest that there could be a possible tie up between book seller turned tablet maker Barnes & Noble and Microsoft which will come out in the press event.

However, there is no surprise if that happens actually since Microsoft has been in the habit of finding unexpected friends in the portable device industry – just remember how they found Nokia the best hardware partner for their smartphone platform

Earlier rumors suggested that the tablet to be announced on Monday will be a Microsoft made slate running Windows RT platform. But now certain other sources claim that the world will see a tablet cum e-reader device from Microsoft – Barnes & Nobel collaboration.

The chances are not very slight, as Barnes & Noble’s Nook e- reader has showcased a stunning performance recently with which it has overtaken Amazon’s Kindle Fire in web traffic impressions.

Moreover, there have been an earlier announcement in which the companies said that they will be coming together to make a partnership in a B & N spin off named Newco.

Though nothing about the collaborative plans were made public later, experts are not ready to completely write off the chances of the two odd friends coming together for the first Windows RT slate announcement from Microsoft.

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