Future of Xbox Gets Leaked From Microsoft’s Official Document Shared in Web

June 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A reportedly leaked file which is now removed from the source have given the tech news world a very generous peek into the possible development map of the Xbox, the prime gaming console of the software developer giant Microsoft.

The 56 page document which appeared on Scribd, the document sharing site, turned out to be an official presentation about the future about new Xbox, application of augmented reality glasses, SmartGlass and Xbox TV apps, prepared for internal circulation in Microsoft.

According to the details in the document, the future Xbox which is to be named Xbox 720 will be a all-in-one media solution, with its ability to offer Blu-ray support, 1080p HD video playback and a couple of such features.

SmartGlass, something which grabbed space in Microsoft’s recent E3 announcement also finds mention  in the document which is dated 2010, showing that the concept was in development right at that time.

Named “Fortaleza” Kinect Glasses, another project reveled by the document almost resembles the Google’s Google Glass project.

However, the details in the document suggest that the technology will be mainly focused on use for gaming purpose, which makes it different from Google’s idea, but with possible 4G and Wi-Fi features.

Xbox 720 machines, as per the concept in the document, may include six or eight 2 GHz X86 or ARM chips with 4 GB DDR4 memory. The document suggests the device may have a 10 year life span and $300 price point.

However, now a legal notice from a law firm, believed to be working for Microsoft appears on the source, hinting it that the company has pulled the document down to stop the leak.

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