Firefox For iPad Under Development, Says Mozilla

June 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Looks like Mozilla wants to spread their dominance in the browser world to the spaces of your iPad screen too.

According to the latest official information from Mozilla, the team which worked behind the desktop version of the popular open source web browser is going to challenge the dominance of Apple’s Safari browser on iPad by designing an iPad version of Firefox.

Dubbed as Junior, the new browser, according to Mozilla, will make browsing more fun. As per the information from developers who work in the team, the new browser focuses on boosting up the ergonomics and has redefined the very concept of browser use from the bottom.

The result is a browser that will take over the full screen of the iPad, to give a magazine feel to the user. The Mozilla browser team’s desire to re-invent the browser has made it a unique one with no toolbar but just two buttons to navigate.

Though earlier the team mulled over putting in gesture based controls, they have later zeroed in on the two button navigation.

Among the two, the left button functions as a back button while the other which looks like a plus button offers the list of recent pages and a search screen.

Though attempts to challenge Safari are not entirely new since Yahoo and Opera and a couple of firms have already tried it in the past, it is for the first time that the second most popular browser taking up such a fight.

Well, no clues on the launch date.

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