Apple iOS 6 To Feature Dedicated Podcasting App, Say Rumors

June 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple is a box of secrets and every now and then we get sudden surprises from Cupertino. Often it is wonderful to see how we get a first tip or possible hint about the hidden plans of this gadget maker king. For instance, look at the present rumors which claim that the iGiant is actually planning to roll out a dedicated podcasting app for the users.

The speculation was first triggered with the new smartphone platform from Apple iOS 6 came out in beta, where it was found that podcasts were no longer available for download in iTunes.

The word spread like fire and the rumor mills started rolling. Now just as they go on, sources claiming to be closer with the company circles unofficially confirm that there are chances for birth of such an app.

So according to them, by this fall, when the iOS 6 will be popular and kicking, users will find a dedicated podcasting app with the platform which takes away the podcast glitter from iTunes.

The app will allow users to find, download and play their favourite podcasts on iOS devices. However, the privilege will be only for smartphone platform users as the desktop version of the iTunes will still show the podcasts as available.

Though Apple is yet to make an official statement about this, inclusion of such an app will indeed give a boost to the trend of podcasting which is increasing now.

since the app is expected to help people to record, edit and upload their podcasts easily. Posting a podcast may be soon as easy as shooting a tweet.

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