AMD HSA Foundation Live; Intel Has No Plans to Join

June 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Advanced Micro Devices, ARM, Imagination Technologies, MediaTek, and Texas Instruments have come together to make programming easier for software developers, while taking advantage of both CPU and GPU computing, with the Heterogeneous System Architecture Foundation.

Lisa Su, AMD senior vice president, said this is meant to make it easier for software developers.

So they’re not designing specifically to AMD’s features or Intel’s features but designing to a set of application standards.

She also laid out the basic idea behind this move. The point is, she explained, even if you put a really powerful CPU next to a really powerful GPU, if these chips don’t interact and the applications don’t know when it’s better to operate on the graphics side and when is it better to operate on the CPU side, you’re not taking advantage of all that computing horsepower.

And, guess who is staying out of HSA. Intel! Apparently, the world’s largest chipmaker is not sure HSA will provide the flexibility for its customers.

Intel’s Ivy Bridge CPU-GPU combo is doing well in Apple’s MacBook Air models plus many devices in the ultrabook line.

We also hear Intel would welcome any discussion on how to unlock the potential of both CPUs and GPUs.

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