iPad Still Tops Tablet Kingdom As a Web Traffic Source, Nook Overtakes Kindle Fire

June 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

According to a latest web traffic study, Apple’s iPad still tops the list of tablet devices in web traffic impressions while Barnes and Nobel’s Nook e-reader has overtaken Amazons Kindle Fire in web traffic impressions among e-readers.

Though Apple continues its top position, it has showed a decline when compared to the results of a similar study conducted in May.

According to the study conducted by Chitika Ad network during the first week of June, Apple’s iPad constitutes almost 91 percent of the web traffic impressions sampled by the firm. However, it was 94.6 in May, showing a decline of 3.5 percent.

Despite the decline, iPad is not challenged by rival gadgets anywhere near as the second place holder Samsung Galaxy Tab contributes only 1.7 percent of web traffic.

Acer Iconia, Toshiba Thrive and Asus Transformer Pad have followed the list with nominal percentage shares.

In the case of e-readers, Kindle Fire found no dent in its share of web traffic impressions by maintaining its 0.71 percent of the market share when compared to past records.

But its rival Nook e-reader has marked a surge in its web traffic impressions with a 0.85 percentage market share.

According to the firm, the surge in Nook’s share is either due to the aggressive campaigning Barnes and Noble made close to the study period or due to increase in Nook use from increased brand familiarity.

However, the study also notes that with the emergence of Windows 8 tablets, the whole picture will change. As more slates get into play, it is likely that the Apple iPad will find its share declining more halting somewhere close to what it commands in the Smartphone market.

The moral of the story is to keep your sites compatible to tablet screens and browsers if you don’t want to miss valuable traffic.

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