Windows 8 Blog Details People’s app, A Cloud Based Address Book For The New Platform

June 14, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft is still following the open and information sharing approach they have been adopting since the inception of Windows 8 development, with occasional posts in its official blog which details different features of the new platform.

The latest among them is a detailed post on Microsoft’s People’s app, which is an easy way to store and manage the contact information in a time when devices with an address book are increasing.

People’s app, in a way, is a cloud-connected address book which many of the Windows Phone fans have tried on their Smartphone spaces.

The major advantage is its cloud based nature which populates the details about the contacts from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter or similar sources.

This is a boon as everybody is finding it difficult to sync and manage scattered contacts in the social networking space and other gadgets.

The cloud based nature of the app keeps the contact information up to date and offers quick social feeds through the What’s New section.

Other Messaging and mail apps can also get the address book info for their purpose in Windows 8.

However duplication is a major challenge which Microsoft is trying to solve. Presently, Microsoft has enabled Windows 8 to identify and link multiple accounts to one individual, but the company will also add more manual edit and link options to handle rare cases.

Obviously, privacy and security issues are there, to avoid which Windows 8 will not sync one’s contacts with their Microsoft account.

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