Google’s Chrome OS Also Gets Some Polish, But Needs to Improve More

June 14, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Major PC operating systems are going to get an overhaul. Apple has shown us what they are bringing from their part at WWDC and Microsoft has been a constant name on headlines owning to the imminent launch of the Windows 8.

Among all these leaks, official show off and media hype, another operating system is also getting an overhaul, but not many care to take notice.

Chrome OS from Google is also getting a major overhaul which makes it more than just an OS on a browser.

Since its inception, Google Chrome OS failed to dent the market of Windows or Mac mainly due to its failure to lure conventional or average user who looks for versatility both offline and online.

But for something which lives on cloud, depends on a few thousands of web apps to function and with a limited hardware presence, finding market is difficult.

However, this basic nature of Chrome Os is not altered in the present update also. You can’t install your favorite programs, but only some web apps and it works only on specific hardware.

However, the new release makes it more like a Windows PC or Mac environment with its multiple windows which can be moved, making it different from the earlier browser OS.

Google has also added a strip of icons on the bottom where you can access your favorite apps quickly just like you use the Windows Task bar.

There is more focus given to doing things offline. They are also planning to integrate Google Drive into the OS to solve the storage space issues and allow more offline working.

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