Attacks Through Privileged Accounts a Major Threat For Organizations, Says New Study

June 14, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A new study done by a security firm shows that privileged accounts can be a serious attack vector as a good number of IT managers and executives who participated in the study said that they would steal the data related to privileged accounts if they are fired.

Among the 820 respondents of the study conducted by ID management provider Cyber-Ark, just under 50 percent said that they will take away data from company data bases, R&D plans, financial reports and password lists if they are fired.

As much as 71 percent of the respondents felt that insider threat is major menace than other issues.

However, only 57 percent of the IT managers said that they have the habit of monitoring the privileged accounts as attacking threats are looming large on them. 43 percent of them said they are not sure about the monitoring privileged accounts.

Close to 50 percent of the participants of the study said that their colleagues have used default admin password to access data which is usually confidential while 45 percent said that they have access to information on a machine which is not relevant to their role in the organization.

Interestingly, more than half of the people believed that rival organizations have got their company’s sensitive information, indicating the rising instances of corporate espionage through cyber means.

The study also cautions about the attacks through privileged accounts as they often function with weak or default password which fell easily for a cyber attack.

They are often not replaced frequently, says the report.

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