Windows Phone 8 Apollo Features Leaked

June 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Just like its upcoming tablet platform sibling Windows 8, Microsoft’s upcoming Smartphone platform offspring Windows Phone 8 has been hitting the headlines with many leaks and occasional official and unofficial revelations about its features.

To add to the list, we are bringing the latest Windows Phone 8 Apollo news. The next big thing from Microsoft for smartphones, Windows Phone 8, according to the new leak, will have Nokia Maps instead of the usual Bing Maps we used to find on a WP device.

Moreover, it will also bring in 3D maps, something that will be on par with the new iOS Maps app and Google Maps. It will also offer hardware acceleration for Windows Phone devices.

The leak also suggests that Skype will be built in for Windows Phone 8 devices, so that the contacts will be automatically connected without any importing.  It also offers messaging and VOIP in multi-tasking mode.

And to add the convenience of making payments with the help of your mobile phone, Windows Phone 8 will also bring Windows Phone Wallet which is Microsoft’s mobile payment platform.

You should also note that the leak comes exactly when Apple has showed off the features of the iOS 6 and search god Google is expected to roll out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

As Microsoft is ready to shows off WP8 Apollo this month, it is not yet sure if existing WP devices will get the update.

Rumors are rife that old phones will get only a trimmed version called WP7.6 or 7.7. That will be sad, indeed.

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