Microsoft Office 2013 Productivity Suite Metro UI Interface Leaks

June 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

More and more apps are getting their Metro Style UI make over as Windows 8 launch is imminent by the fall.

Microsoft’s own products like the productivity suite Microsoft Office have got this make over and we had a chance to have a peek at the Metro Style UI of the Office 2003 program meant for Windows RT devices.

The leak actually comes directly from the horse’s mouth as they have slipped from Microsoft’s own system during Microsoft TechEd 2012 on-screen demonstration of the Office 2013suite.

The leaked image shows what changes the Metro UI has brought to an Excel spreadsheet. However, what caught our attention first is the absence of the bulkier interface that usually comes along products in the Office suite.

However, on the Metro UI compatible Microsoft Excel in Office 2013 suite, there is a menu bar with all the common commands housed on the top of the window.

The leaked picture also shows something which appears to be a user picture on the right side of the window and a smiley face, though it does not give any clear idea about its use or purpose.

However, to accommodate the possibilities and limitations of the traditional machines and new touch sensitive tablets, the Office 2013 suite seems to pack clearer icons and larger buttons in many elements of its interface.

However, Microsoft is reportedly striving to get its 2013 edition of the productivity suite not to miss the Windows 8 launch. But recent updates on the progress of the project are still unknown.

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