Apple Will Kill Ping, its Music Social Network, At the Birth of iOS 6, Hint Apple Sources

June 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The news from the Worldwide Developers Conference has given us a clear idea about Apple’s plan in prepping up the new iOS 6 and new Mac OS, Mountain Lion.

So you may have noticed the added Facebook integration in iOS 6 and Twitter integration to the Mac. That is the inevitability when a rival dominates a scene and we have nothing to replace it.

So what happens to Apple’s own social networking services? A recent report suggests that the Cupertino Company will kill its music based social networking service Ping at the arrival of iOS 6. According sources closer to Apple, when iTunes new version comes out with the OS update iOS 6, Ping will exist no more.

However, the Ping saga with Apple was not very pleasant right from the beginning. It is considered as a recent mistake from Apple to launch the music based social networking service within iTunes 10, thinking it will add to the attractions of iTunes.

The social networking feature allowed iTunes users to post their favorite tracks and albums in such a way that friends on the social network can subscribe to it.

Later, Apple CEO Tim Cook has admitted on record that Apple customers have found it not as attractive as company thought in the beginning. However, then he said that finding it lackluster is no reason to push it to the list of defunct Apple products.

But he then said to look in to the thought of killing the service for ever and the recent grapevine from Apple points out that they have reached the decision to axe the service at the birth of iOS 6.

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