Apple Laptops No Longer Carry Ethernet, Fire Wire or ExpressCard Slots, But Thunderbolt Adaptors Only

June 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As you know the WorldWide developers Conference has kicked off at San Francisco making all the Apple fans to keep their attention to catch the news without fail.

So we are updating point by point. The keynote address by Apple at the conference was, we felt like, a demo session for their new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro systems.

When looking at Apple’s trend on providing I/O options on these machines, we feel that there is something interesting in it. They have done away with optical drives and keep more real estate available for other tweaks.

They have also combined USB .0 and USB 3.0 connections. However, Thunderbolt connections are another major focus of the iGiant when it comes to providing connectivity solutions on their devices.

The interests of the company can be understood if we look into the evolution of MacBook over the years. The Cupertino Company has been following a move of removing legacy ports from the machine.

They have started it by removing Ethernet port from MacBook Air machines. Then it was the chance for Fire wire ports and ExpressCard slots.

With the emergence of Thunderbolt, Apple found an easy solution for its ‘port-phobia’ just because the new technology allows any I/O technology as per user need.

With the key note address which made it clear that the company no longer offers built –in Ethernet, FireWire, or ExpressCard ports in  its laptop machines. Instead, they will sell Thunderbolt adapters for all these purposes for $29 each.

Presently the Ethernet adapter is available at the Apple Store, so we can hope that the Fire wire adapter too will soon join the company.

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