Sprint Thinking About its Own Mobile Wallet Service Sprint Touch

June 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The mobile wallet service from Google – Google Wallet- is enjoying full support from Sprint in the US, the lone supporter from among the major network carriers for the wallet service from the search god.

However, a new leak from Sprint sources hint that the network carrier is moving forward to launch their own mobile wallet service.

The leak shows what appear to be slides meant for internal communication in Sprint and gives a lot of details about the mobile wallet service which is still officially unknown. If the slides actually originate from Sprint sources, the service will in all likelihood be called Sprint Touch.

Apart from the name, these slides also give some glimpses about the interface of the service too. To give the customers an added feel of  security, the mobile wallet app from Sprint will show an animation with a vault opening when the app is initiated for a transaction, according to the description on the slide. Similarly, the animation will show the vault closing when the wallet is locking.

Though the slides give an idea about the service, no where it is mentioned that if it is clearly backed by any well-known financial organizers.

The collaboration pacts with credit card companies, retailer chains in the country and similar organizations, which is one of the crucial factors which decides the success of a mobile wallet service is also not known from the leaked slides, except a mention about loyalty reward cards from McDonald’s and Best Buy.

However, if Sprint actually rolls out such a service, breaking its tie with Google Wallet, it will be a major setback to Google who is looking for expanding the options available with its mobile wallet service and adding more partners under its roof.

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