Google Chrome Gets Metro Style Windows 8 Compatible Version

June 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As Microsoft is rolling out their Windows 8 platform, everybody is running to make their applications Windows 8 compatible.

Google is first among the early birds to roll out a Metro style enabled desktop browser for Windows 8 by prepping up its open source web browser Chrome.

The browser from the search god just got the new code and it is available as an automatic update on the Dev channel. It is easy to get a feel of the Google Chrome readied for the Metro Style Windows 8 platform. First of all, you should be running the Windows 8 Release Preview and set Google chrome as the default browser.

However, the interesting thing with the upgrade is that Google has not bothered to keep in line with the guidelines put forward by Microsoft for developing apps for Windows 8.

On a first look, it seems like Google developers either did not go through the guideline seriously or purposefully ignored the whole guidelines while rolling out the Windows 8 compatible Google Chrome.

For example, a right click or pressing Windows key and Z together should help you fetch the app bar at the bottom of the screen to access commands specific to the app.

However, Google has not bothered to keep the Windo8 personality of Google Chrome behave in this manner. They have just replicated the browser menu on its present browser on other platforms in the Metro container.

To surpass the issues it may face if it tried to deliver the app through Windows Store, Google is delivering it through external channels, where Microsoft cannot axe it for design transgressions.

Well, now try it on the Windows 8 Release Preview and let us know whether the naughty Chrome annoys you.

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