Twitter Launches Hashtag Pages, A New Social Marketing Opportunity for Marketers

June 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Six years back in March 2006, a small blue bird taught the world what mciroblogging is. We called that bird Twitter.

Now it is showing us how it can combine television spots and the power of microblogging to try new venues of social marketing.

Hope you have noticed how Twitter has launched its first TV ad on Sunday about NASCAR. Though the ad was all about bringing attention of NASCAR Twitter followers, it was not just that.

Actually the blue bird was showing off how marketers can use the powerful mciroblogging site and the millions of users on it to leverage a marketing campaign.

The ad called the viewers attention to a page displaying search results for a keyword on a topic NASCAR – But it is not just a flurry of tweets. actually redirects to, which turns out to be a new landing page for the race league.

According to Twitter official sources, NASCAR fans can expect a lot more from the page. It will have tweets from drivers and commentary from crews who follow them to the spot of action.

They can also find valuable observations from the expert commentators and also fetch point to point beautiful photographs. Now put together the pieces to make the big picture.

So that makes the first brand page on Twitter based on its hashtag. The success or the nature of the NASCAR campaign gives other potential marketers a hint about a new social marketing possibility on the mciroblogging service, apart from purchasing sponsored hashtags or tweets.

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