Sony Smart Watch Now on Verizon; Pick Yours for $149.97

June 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sony’s smartwatch has been available for purchase online for quite some time now. To boost sales, Verizon will be delivering the device from now on.

Priced at $149.97, this device can do things you can do on your smartphone without even unlocking the smartphone’s keypad.

The device has an operating range of 10 meters that will help users who are confined to small spaces such as offices and homes. With this watch, users can get their messages and other notifications on their watch itself.

There are about 60 apps available now that are compatible with this watch and Sony guarantees that there are much more to come.

Featuring a 1.3 inch screen, the watch is pretty sleek in its looks and highly efficient in performance. The watch runs Android 2.1 and is compatible with all versions of Android from 2.1 upwards.

Connectivity issues have been resolved by its Bluetooth 3.0 capability, which aids in seamless connectivity between the user’s watch and smartphone.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are readily available on this watch. The watch can be powered by an USB cable and a fully charged watch can run from one day to one week with respect to its usage.

With a thickness of only 8mm, the watch weighs about 41.5 grams. Weights of main unit and watch band are 15.5 g and 26 g respectively. The watch bands are available in a variety of colors and the device will give you a head start of what is coming to our midst in future.

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