Nexus Tab Made By Asus to Come Out in June End, Possible at Google I/O Event

June 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Now we have to go to one more confirmation that the tablet from the search god is coming up, with the partnership of Asus.

If it was the leaked benchmark results that gave the last hint, now the latest hint comes as the conformation from an Asus representative at the Computex expo, making us more confident about the existence of the 7-inch tab.

Confirming that Asus is developing a tablet in collaboration with Google, the Asus representative hinted that the rig may launch at the end of the June.

So we hope we will see it at the Google I/O event. As per available info, the team also has NVIDIA which provides the Tegra 3 quad core chip that powers the tablet.

Moreover, NVIDIA is expected to debut their Kai platform for low-cost Android slates.

The Kai platform reportedly offers the implementation of Tegra 3 at 1.3 GHz with low-cost DDR2 RAM which helps to keep the price tag under a luring $ 250.

Though the earlier rumor hinted that the Google tab will be $199 in price, we are yet to confirm it. Google I/O is slated to take place on June 27th and 28th; we will hopefully get the exact news on the price of the device there, even if the launch gets delayed.

However, emergence of such a Nexus tablet will considerably improve the performance aspect of Android tablets while bringing down the price line to accessible level to more people.

Such a trend will increase the market share of Android which in turn will attract more developer attention helping the platform to flourish in future.

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