Adobe Issues 11.3 Update for Flash, Beefs Up Security

June 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It is time for you to head to Adobe to get the latest 11.3 release which beefs up the security of the browser plug-in and reduce it vulnerabilities while facing attacks.

With the update, Adobe has introduced sandboxing on the Windows platform.

The sandboxing functionality will help the browsers on Windows platform to prevent the plug in from accessing sensitive functionalities of the platform, since the popularity of the plug in has made it a usual target for hackers and viruses sneak in.

Adobe has also added background updater feature for Flash on Mac systems. With this update, Adobe will update silently whenever a new update is available.

This will avoid cases where users does not update Flash player manually, leaving them at the risk of new attacks.

Other major new features of the update for desktop version include full screen keyboard input, low latency audio support for streaming audio through NetStream, low latency audio support for Sound API, texture streaming and improved Apple MacOS App Store Support.

For mobile users, 11.3 version update brings Stylus support for Android 4.0 devices. Other major new features for AIR Mobile includes  platform SDK support for iOS on Windows, USB Debugging for AIR iOS, enhanced Background Behavior for AIR iOS and simulator Support for iOS.

However, it is getting phased on different platforms. Windows 8 supports it in a limited way only, it is not available on iOS, while Android and Linux desktop are gradually phasing it out.

However, the new update is a welcome move as it improves the total web security.

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