Motorola Dinara aka Atrix 3 Photo Leaks; Looks Quite Appealing

June 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Motorola has been sitting behind the stage waiting for the perfect moment for making the debut of their new device – Atrix 3.

But now, the device has been caught on camera by some leak junkie and the picture is now all over the internet. By looking at the photo, no one can deny the fact that Motorola is sticking to their earlier form factor.

But as always, Motorola will be putting the latest hardware inside to deliver the superior expected performance.

The picture shows an almost rectangle-shaped bar type phone with a 720p HD screen. Likely to be powered by a Snapdragon quad-core processor, this phone will be featuring 4G+ and LTE. The device will run Android 4.0 OS.

From what we believe the leaked picture is of an Atrix 3 working in AT&T network and at this point, the list of carriers that are going to be associated with this device can’t be predicted.

The name Dinara was used for the prototype model and it is the name of the highest peak of Croatia. This peak is shaped like a human head made of stone and it has a prominence of 728 m. The significance of choosing such a name is still unclear.

This phone will be featuring no hardware navigation buttons as such. Navigation will be only through the on screen navigation techniques. Camera resolution and other features are still in the dark.

The world needs Motorola to stand up to the latest phones from other electronic giants and with this Dinara, Motorola is trying to achieve that.

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