TI Windows RT Slate Powered by OMAP 4 Gets Computex Showcase

June 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As Microsoft is planning an official launch for its new tablet platform Windows 8 near fall, the ongoing Computex expo is full of Windows 8 news.

The most interesting Windows 8 info we get to stumble upon was at chip maker Texas Instruments’ booth, where it has flashed a cute Windows 8 slate with Windows RT version of the platform running on it.

Previously known as Windows on ARM, this special version designed for ARM devices was found on a reference tab shown off by Texas Instruments powered by the chip maker’s own OMAP 4 chip.

However, Texas Instruments’ show comes as a reply to its rival chipmaker Qualcomm showing off its version of the Windows RT machine at Computex the other day.

Though TI was keen not to allow video recording of the device and conducted the whole show behind closed doors, certain sources were able to get a picture of the device, giving us a chance to show it to you.

The device, however, turns out to be a prototype plagued with a lot of glitches and Texas Instruments has to go a lot distance to optimize the prototype to get rid of them.

The showcasing was limited to certain features only and it seemed like the staff is reluctant to show certain other features working on the prototype.

However, the company later assured that it is ready for Windows RT machines and will soon roll out a number of devices close to Microsoft’s launch of the new tablet platform.

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