Asus Transformer AiO Lets Android and Windows Work Hand in Hand [Video]

June 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Asus’ latest Transformer AiO is one machine we think would be able to transform from a Windows 8 PC to an Android 4.0 tablet seamlessly. The latest device when docked will run on Windows 8.

As soon as it is detached from the dock, it transforms quickly to a tablet running on Android 4.0. Design wise too, the Asus Transformer AiO is very appealing as well as worth the buy.

There has been no info about how apps would be handled when switching over from Windows platform to the entirely different Android platform. However, the prototype model shown at the Computex this week surely managed to tackle the task with utmost ease.

There are a lot of computers and tablets out there that run on only one OS and the fact that this device can run on multiple OS is surely the catchiest feature.

Powered by Intel’s latestIvyBridgeprocessor, the Transformer AiO features an 18.4-inch 10-finger multi-touch display. To communicate with the dock, the tablet uses a remote desktop interface. However, AiO’s dock requires a constant power supply.

With Samsung releasing its touch-and-turn ultrabooks and other hardware giants making their new notebooks, it needs to be seen that Asus is playing a much bigger game.

The transition from one OS to another without restarting the device is a very complex procedure and it looks like Asus has jumped over the hurdle this time.

Will this be enough to boost up the company’s sales numbers in the coming seasons? With prices and other technical features behind the curtains, the picture isn’t clear as yet.

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