Splashtop Win8 Testbed App Brings Metro UI to Non-Windows Slates

June 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, Microsoft is still racing to debut their brand new tablet platform Windows 8, possibly by this fall, with a Metro UI which we have seen only on Windows Phone devices so far.

But don’t think that the Windows 8 Metro interface is the privilege of the slates that are in the waiting line of the Windows 8 tablets makers. Now it’s no big deal to get Metro UI on your iPad or Android tablet as you like.

The magic belongs to an app from Splashtop which can bring Windows 8 Metro interface to tablets in other platforms.

Dubbed as Windows 8 Testbed, the new app from Splashtop can reproduce the Metro UI with almost all the unique touch commands and other features.

Those who have got the feel of Windows 8 from the Release Preview and Customer Preview earlier can experience the same with the new app.

For instance review the Charms Bar by swiping from the right bezel and switch apps by swiping from the right side.

Just like Windows 8, it also allows snapping two apps simultaneously side by side by swiping slowly from the left.  Moreover, pinch to zoom just as you do it with a Windows 8 Metro UI.

Multitasking and multi-touch gestures are all features of this app which claims itself as the only option to run a Windows 8 Metro UI on a non Windows tablet.

However, the company does mention latency issue with the app, for developers to take note, who can use the app to develop apps for the Windows 8 UI.

The app costs $25 in Google Play and App Store.

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