Microsoft Sheds HTC From First Wave Windows RT Tablet Makers List

June 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are waiting to see an HTC Windows RT tablet coming out right when Microsoft launches its new tablet platform, you will be disappointed as Microsoft has reportedly shed the name of the Taiwanese company from the list of the manufacturers who will make Windows RT tablets close to its debut.

According to sources close to Microsoft, the company has found the Taiwanese manufacturer who has made the first Google branded Smartphone too inexperienced in the tablet industry.

The software developer company has also pointed out the thinning sales figures of HTC as a reason to shut it out from the list of manufacturers who will make the first wave of cheap Windows 8 tablets.

However, the shout out does not mean HTC will not get a chance to bite a share of the Windows RT pie.

Sources indicate that the Taiwanese company may get a chance to join the second wave of Windows RT devices which were earlier known as Windows on ARM machines.

Earlier reports suggested that HTC has proposed a Windows 8 tablet with a custom UI in the lines of Sense UI on its smartphones. However, the proposal has been refused by Microsoft.

The decision comes as part of Microsoft’s careful steps before bringing out its new tablet platform which is expected to dent the market share of Apple.

To keep the quality of the devices high, Microsoft has taken serious steps like allowing chip manufacturers to pick a major and minor manufacturer to make the machines and mandating that Windows RT machines will have SecureBoot feature which will block side loading other platforms.

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