Sony Wonderbook Shown; Read Stories and Be in Them Too

June 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sony has always delivered in fulfilling promises and this has kept the company in the leading forefront of the tech industry. The latest news from the Sony stables talks of the big leap the company is taking with the release of the Wonderbook.

Basically it is a rig that utilizes the possibility of tracing out particular co-ordinates on a projected space, but the applications are quite limitless.

J.K.Rowling’s Book of Spells is the first book title available on Wonderbook. With the Wonderbook, you will get to see much more titles coming this year. Though aimed at children, this device can very well influence groups of all ages.

Playing Book of Spells will require a significant hardware investment: In addition to the book itself, would-be wizards will need a PlayStation 3, a PlayStation Eye camera, and a PlayStation Move controller. Users’ gestures are recorded by the PlayStation Eye camera and are used to interact with content inside the book.

The Wonderbook will be available by this holiday season; though the pricing details are not yet announced.

In a quote provided by Sony, Rowling said this is an extraordinary device that offers a reading experience like no other. She also said that she loved working with Sony’s creative team to bring her spells and some of the history behind them, to life.

In short, this is the most commercially available device that uses the possibility of Augmented Reality to a scale that none of us has ever experienced in our life.

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