Samsung Cloud-Based Gaming Service For LED TVs Announced

June 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The future of the entertainment industry and associated technology clings to the sky, to be exact, on the cloud. That is what we understand from the flooding race to announce cloud-based services.

Samsung, in particular, seems to be so keen in envisioning a cloudy future where presence on the cloud decides the success in the markets on earth.

We have seen the South Korean firm coming out with a set of cloud-based services with their Galaxy S III official launch.

But they are not to stop anywhere soon with their aim being your living room. Now to enchant the gaming folk, the company has announced that they have inked a deal with cloud-based gaming service Gaikai.

The partnership based on the deal will bring console free streaming of most popular games directly to compatible Samsung TVs. Interestingly, the announcement comes out amidst rumors that Sony is going to ink a deal with Gaikai.

The agreement will benefit owners of flagship 2012 LED TVs from Samsung in the beginning, since they can enjoy the primary beta sign up offer from Samsung. The Samsung Cloud Gaming service will support LED TV models like ES7100, ES7500, and ES8000.

The beta sign up is no small deal since it offers most popular games like “Mass Effect 3” and “Need For Speed: The Run” in full versions or as free trails, streaming them to televisions which offer gaming pad support.

The company is yet to make it clear if other TVs apart from the models mentioned, will be supported in the near future.

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