PlayStation Mobile to Bring an Awesome Gaming Experience to Android; Kicks-off with HTC

June 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The PlayStation Suite had been renamed PlayStation Mobile some time back and it was done as a precursor to the innovations Sony was planning to bring into the portable gaming terrain.

Now, as a continuance to the innovations, Sony PlayStation has decided to start their journey hand in hand with HTC.

The reason for choosing HTC as companion is not yet clear, though. But if you go down memory lane, you will understand that HTC – with its latest HTC One X and other advanced phones – did prove to be a worthy companion for PlayStation.

With the new PlayStation Mobile development platform, Sony is planning a bigamous approach in reasserting its mobile gaming command. The ever increasing popularity of smartphone and tablet gaming has started to create a shift in people’s minds from choosing mobile gaming over PlayStation gaming.

So as a counter measure, Sony released its PlayStation Vita handheld last year, but the device has only attained below average sales.

While no specific phones were mentioned, the new HTC One X was held up as an example of the collaboration, as well as being featured in a slide promoting the partnership. HTC One S and V models are also in the line up, we hear.

The agile movement from conventional hardware sources to third-party partnerships, particularly with a manufacturer of HTC’s caliber, changes the overall program’s potential to a considerable extent.

This can very well kick start a significant new venue for PlayStation Mobile gaming. As far as consumers are concerned, they are surely in for a treat in the coming seasons.

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