Samsung Galaxy SIII Giving Apple iPhone 4S a Tough Time

June 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Samsung-Apple battle for the top spot is not new, with the Galaxy S2 contributing to giving the folks over at Apple sleepless nights.

Now the Galaxy SIII has been unveiled at London, and it has already beaten the iPhone 4S on its way to the top of the smartphone chart in the UK.

The Galaxy SIII has secured the top position in uSwitch’s mobile tracker chart, knocking off the white version of the iPhone 4S to second position. This has happened only a couple of days after the smartphone was shown, mind you.

The chart takes into account actual sales and web searches. The Galaxy S2, which had maintained the top spot for eleven months before the iPhone 4S, secured the third position. The new HTC One X came in at the fourth spot, followed by Samsung Galaxy Note.

So Apple ruled the smartphone market, then Galaxy S2 arrived ready for a fight, then the iPhone 4S, and now the Galaxy SIII. Obviously, all this makes the iPhone 5 the most eagerly awaited phone.

It would be interesting to see what happens to the smartphone world when the iPhone 5 finally arrives. Rumors are doing a great job as of now.

So would you rather get your hands on Samsung’s new bad boy or wait patiently till the next gen iPhone hits the stores?

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