Motorola MotoActv Smart Watch-like Fitness Tracker Gets an Upgrade

June 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Motorola has released an upgrade for its fitness tracker called MotoActv, and it needs to be said the device is slowly stepping into the unexplored realm of smart watches.

The software upgrade version 7.2 comes along with improvements in tracking for golf shots, fitness zones via heart rate monitors and map views after a workout.

The upgrade has also made the device more social, with direct access to Facebook wall posts and Twitter messages from the user’s Bluetooth connected Android phone.

For all the avid golfers out there, MotoActv might as well be your best friend, with the new software update allowing putt tracking for short, medium and long putts. Earlier it only captured how many putts used on each hole.

The MotoActv was initially a plain, but good, fitness tracking device, but it is evolving with added golf functions, and smart watch functions like notifications for email, text messages and caller ID, which were first limited to Motorola-branded phones. Motorola has fixed the initial battery issues as well.

Even with smart watch functions, Motorola doesn’t market the MotoActv as a smart watch.

It might be because the company finds it right to position it as a known item, a fitness tracker, but with added features. Smart watch or fitness tracker, MotoActv is indeed a smart device.

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