Facebook Mulls Over Allowing Access for People Under 13

June 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Right now, you are supposed to be 13 years or above to have a Facebook account (Yeah, right!). Anyway, the world’s largest social networking site seems to have plans to open up to kids under 13 years of age. That’s one strategy, getting them young.

Though there are not many rules that hold when it comes to the young and the internet. But still, Facebook will have to work on some new kind of technology so that the kids are not exploited by the advertisers or any other form of “evil”.

Parental supervision could be the key word in solving issues such as privacy and safety.

Mechanisms being tested include connecting children’s accounts to their parents’ while enabling parents to decide on who their kids can befriend and what applications they can use virtually, which might turn out to be a safe step.

But if parents are not in a position to keep track of their kid’s Facebook activities, it may not turn out to be a happy networking in the end.

Simply said, opening Facebook to the kids below 13 is a big step and many factors should be considered before jumping ahead.

Feel free to debate large on the topic as Mark Zuckerberg decides.

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