Hybrid HDDs to Add Color to Dell and Fujitsu Ultrabooks

June 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Competing with the HP Envy Series Ultrabooks, Dell and Fujitsu have decided that their ultrabooks will be featuring hybrid hard disks instead of conventional hard disks.

These ultrabooks will be running on Intel’s Ivy bridge processors and are predicted to be the coming season’s top sellers.

A hybrid HDD is different from standard hard drives in that it integrates a cache using non-volatile memory or even a small solid-state drive. The hybrid drive in its normal state has its platters at rest such that the motor won’t be consuming any power.

Considerable heat loss can also be avoided with this advancement. Any data written to the hybrid drive is written to the buffer. This will enable “no risk of data loss” and indeed is the most important aspect regarding a storage device.

When reading data from the platters, extra data is read and stored in buffer memory in the hope of expecting future requirements as in any disk cache.

Data required for the next boot-up can be stored in the non-volatile buffer before shutting down the computer.

Fujitsu has already debuted one of its thinnest and lightest ultra book to the UH series, the Life book UH75.

Powered by the latest 3rd Generation Intel Core processors, the ultrabook is available in two colors – satin red and satin silver.

Featuring a 14-inch display, the ultrabook offers a full HD web camera and has an approximately 9.1 hours of battery life.

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