Ultrasonic Goggles Promise to Help Visually Impaired Stay Safe From Obstacles

June 1, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever spared a thought for the visually impaired? Nowadays we can’t live without visual media, but the visually impaired on the other hand, cannot do so even if they wish to.

Spanish researchers at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid have come up with something that could change the lives of the visually impaired.

They have created a pair of ultrasonic goggles that could help the visually impaired get around in places much safer and quicker. A person with partial sight can see things like how ‘The Terminator’ sees things. This revolutionary device could lead a world of visually impaired people to a place where they are almost perfect.

You must be curious about how it works, right?  The device will scan the area in front of it using the cameras mounted onto it. Then it will send the information to a small computer where it will output the data in the form of outlines that are color coded.

This gadget will help the visually impaired see almost everything important in front of them and keep them away from harm.

Professor Ricardo Vergaz of the Electronics Technology Department who led the research has been quoted as saying that it detects objects and people who move within the visual field that a person with no pathologies would have.

He added that very often the patient does not detect them due to problems of contrast. The information regarding depth is what is most missed by patients who use this type of technical aid.

As of now, the team is testing the device on a couple of patients. So, we can expect this device to be out early next year. The real question is, will it go commercial or not?

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