Prieto Lithium-ion Battery to be 1000 Times More Powerful than Normal Ones

June 1, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Most of the devices we use these completely or partially depend on batteries. Some may have batteries with long life, while others have those that die out after a few hours.

So, it isn’t surprising that humankind wants gadgets that can stay alive longer. The need for this has driven Prieto Battery to work on a lithium-ion battery, which claims to be a 1000 times more powerful than the normal ones.

The company has raised over $5 million for developing the new lithium-ion battery. It works by using nanotechnology, which helps it juice out more power and helps it live longer as well. The battery will be able to power almost everything, including smartphones, tablets and even vehicles.

Unlike normal batteries, where the lithium-ions are to travel between the anode and the cathode, Preito’s upcoming battery has its cathode and anode intertwined.

The battery will not lose storage capacity over a period of time and the anode stays very stable. This is because the nanowires come coated with copper antimonide.

If Prieto makes it through with the battery, it could revolutionize the way people live. That means better electric vehicles that are more fuel efficient will be produced and it will offer more power to other devices such as smartphones where the charge stays a lot more than it normally would.

Let’s just hope that Prieto completes its quest fast.

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