Facebook Posts Help Brooklyn Cop Nail Robber Gang

June 1, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook is a crazy place where a lot of things happen. People make friends over Facebook, some make enemies over the social networking site and some fall in love through Facebook.

The possibilities Facebook lays out is innumerable, but there are certain things that really makes your head hurt. What if you heard news that a cop actually used Facebook to track down a notorious gang and arrest them? Would you believe it? Well, you might as well, because that is exactly what happened.

A cop from Brooklyn, named Michael Rodrigues, actually used Facebook to monitor a gang of criminals and capture them.

The gang included a group of teenagers between the ages 13 and19, and they identified themselves as the Brower Boys. The gang reportedly stole electronics from apartments and sold it elsewhere.

After the heist, the immature gang members posted their successful burglary on Facebook! Little did they know that there was a cop tailing them right on Facebook.

Michael Rodrigues had been, in fact, reading every post and status update made by the members of the gang. Raymond Kelly, the Police Commissioner, has been quoted as saying that some of the gang members found the instant celebrity of social media irresistible. But then, that did them in too!

One of the gang members – Olurabu Henry – was reported to have posted that he was going to work. The post was followed by another one by his fellow gang member, Derrin Dyson who wrote “it is break-in day on the avenue”.

After the cops got the news, they followed the gang members on March 2 and shot a video of them robbing an apartment. They were then later caught.

As many as 12 other gang members were caught earlier and are now facing a variety of charges. However, that didn’t stop the gang from continuing their evil deeds. They didn’t just rob; it seems they even sexually assaulted a woman once after tying her up while they were robbing her house.

Two other Brooklyn Gangs were also caught earlier. But even then, that didn’t deter the evil gang’s intentions. There was said to be one member of the gang who said that they would easily be caught if they kept doing so. They should have listened to him. But then again, sooner or later, the evil never go unpunished!

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