Samsung Galaxy SIII Variant with 2 GB RAM Heads for Canada

May 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Almost everyone knows about the release of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the features that it offers.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII has different variants for different markets. For example, in Japan, you can get the 2 GB RAM version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII while other markets sell just the 1 GB RAM version of the device.

But those phones which include 2 GB RAM have a drawback. If you go for the 2 GB RAM version of the SIII, you will only end up with a dual-core S4 processor.

But the 1 GB version of the device will offer a quad-core Exynos. So this will confuse the customers a lot; more RAM plus a dual-core processor or less RAM plus a quad-core processor?

Just like Japan, Canada will also be receiving the 2 GB version of the phone. But, will it be worth it with just a dual core processor? Some think so, but others however, beg to differ.

Maybe soon, the mobile phone will offer a variant of itself to other nations of the world. It would be interesting to analyze which one of the two phones will sell more than the other.

It certainly looks like the two versions are equally balanced but there is a good chance that more people will stick with the 1 GB version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII with the quad-core processor.

On whose side are you?

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