Windows 8 Release Preview Gets Leaked

May 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Everybody has an eye on what is happening on Microsoft’s stables since they are eager to see Windows 8 in its full glory when it comes out. We have seen a sneak peek of the new platform from Microsoft with the Customer Preview at the CES.

The software developer giant has also made it clear that they will make the Release Preview version of the platform available in the first week of June.

Now we are just days away to hit the first week of June and anxiety knows no bounds. But, now a new leak has made the Chinese edition of the Release Preview of Windows 8 available online.

According to reports, the ISO files for an 8400 build of Windows 8 is taking rounds in the web mainly through file sharing sites and torrent hosting services and allows successful installation.

Since the leaked version is in Chinese, it is difficult for people who do not know Chinese to get the full feel of the platform. However, the leak gives us a good peek on what is in the near final release preview of the platform, days ahead its official launch.

As per the leak, Microsoft has updated the Windows 8 Metro style apps, including new Sports, Travel, and News apps during the transition from the customer preview version to the near final release preview.

They have also updated the boot screen, cursors, and wallpapers for Release Preview. You may also find a new variant of Aero and desktop improvements for users of multiple monitors in the latest version.

English folks, don’t worry, a legitimate roll out is just days ahead.

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