Nokia Lines Up Waterproofing Technology for Smartphones

May 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When it comes to taking care of our mobile phones, most of us really don’t know what exactly to do. We may accidentally drop our phones, scratch them or even expose them to moisture and water.

Many mobile phones have been ruined this way. Though there are ways to protect mobile phones from the damage caused by dropping them and ways to protect them against scratches, water-proofing a mobile phone has never been a company’s main concern, until now.

This is because Nokia is going to make water-proof phones in the future.

A technology called WaterBlock by HzO was demonstrated to the public back at the CES 2012. This technology allows the mobile phones to be resistant to a lot of types of damages to a certain extent.

The WaterBlock has a huge possibility of being adopted by companies like Samsung and Apple for their own future products.

Nokia Western Europe demonstrated a Lumia 710 that contains superhydrophobic stain-resistant material. This technology allows the device to be immune to water and moisture.

If you place drops of water on the material, it would easily hinder the water from entering inside the device and ruining it. The technology repels water.

Nokia might have just earned a good name in the future smartphone arena because of this innovation. The company now hopes that this amazing technology will pave the way for future innovations.

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