Windows Phone Tango Spotted in the Wild on a Nokia Lumia 800

May 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As tablet lovers eagerly wait for the release of Windows 8, the new tablet-desktop platform from Microsoft, many Smartphone lovers are also waiting anxiously to find the Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh, the updated version of Microsoft’s Smartphone platform, to come out.

Code named Tango, the new platform update has given many sneak peeks through leaked pictures and occasional statements from MS sources so far. To add to these strings of leaks, a device is spotted in wild from Thailand running the new platform update.

The latest Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh aka Tango platform has been spotted on a Nokia Lumia 800 device and the related pics show off the new additions and features that are brought by the update.

As you know, the Tango update offers the hitherto unavailable internet sharing functionality to these devices. Moreover, the leaked pictures show new options in video mode setting, giving you the chances to pick the Flicker reduction and adjust quality of the video being recorded.

Another new addition is the new icon for Windows Marketplace on Windows phone Tango. That change is very apt as Microsoft has made Mango the basic qualification for devices to access Marketplace.

Tango, which is expected to find a June release, is heard to include better media messaging, easy management of contacts too.

Meanwhile, the leaked pictures also share detailed information on the firmware number of the update, but at this point it is not clear if the update will have the same firmware number when it comes out for public.

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